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Gwyn Davidson - Owner/Founder, Pet Sitter

I consider myself beyond blessed to have been given a true passion for animals. I pride myself on providing them with the life they deserve.  After leaving Corporate America, it has allowed me to follow my purpose. I started out small with walking dogs/getting them outside to burn off pent up energy. I truly wasn't sure if I was going to make this my career, but after seeing the faces of both animals and their owners, I immediately knew this was the right decision. As a result, my dream of working with animals has blossomed into Animal Adventures LLC. The corporate world is the complete opposite. This transition has caused me to evaluate my long-term goals and now I am more confident than ever.  I had a hard time leaving work at work. Even though I still do bring work home with me, but at least it is something that truly makes a difference! Also, that work that I bring home is often filled with cute faces and kisses! In corporate you have high stress to meet deadlines, meet goals, mag plans, reviews, etc. In the animal world, one must be present and not  anxious or stressed. The energy that one carries  transfers to the animal. I am exercising more and outside with nature so I am truly in my element. I am forever grateful for the path that has led me on this adventure. It is true you don't know the love of a dog until you own one.


  • I love going to husky meet-ups

  • Brady is a certified therapy dog

  • I pet sat for a hedgehog, Lenny

  • I saw a mouse give birth to 3 babies in a humane trap

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Cindy Pellicone - Walker/Sitter


Hi! My name is Cindy, a Mother to 4 children. I am originally from Austin, TX now located in New Milford, CT. I will have limited availability for overnight pet sitting and weekend walks.


I am really enjoying my pet sitting experience and can't wait to meet many more of your furry (or not so furry) friends! I will always strive to make it my mission to ensure that your pets are happy, healthy, safe and peaceful while they are in my care. Please schedule a meet and greet. I look forward to speaking to you! 


  • I'm a Yankees fan

  • I love to travel

  • I have also lived in Cali and Alaska 

  • I love to be active and outdoors

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India Lovito - Walker/Sitter

I worked at WAGs Doggie Daycare full-time for 2 years as well as for Animal Adventures LLC. I was a dog handler at WAGs and dog walker/pet sitter at Animal Adventures LLC. I have always had dogs but have learned so much from working in this field and realize how moods and energy play a huge role in a dogs presence. The dogs body can tell you a lot about their behavior so I am always interested in the background story of rescues. I am expanding my knowledge and experience so I am currently working at Mill Plain Vet. 


  • I love getting my nails done

  • I fed a tegu a rat

  • I have a rabbit

  • I like beaches but won't swim


Carmela Chetcuti - Dog Walker

Hey! My name is Carmela, I am a mother to a 3 year old little boy,
a 4 year old Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd mix and a 7 month old Manx kitty!! I am located in Woodbury, CT. I am very flexible but I’m not available for overnights. 
I have experience in and also love farm sitting as well as pet sitting. I grew up on a farm in New Milford, CT and my love for animals has always been strong. 



  • I loveee puzzles🧩

  •  I once helped a veterinarian give a goat a C section 

  • I helped a goat deliver a baby naturally with my hands

  • I hang out with an emu named Howard at one of my clients houses from time to time  

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