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$15 for 15 minute visit

$25 for 30 minute visit

$50 for 60 minute visit
We will provide exercise time and care during the day. Your pet can go out, eat and play so you can come home to a tired, happy pup.
 Feeding and/or scooping cat litter included.

$10/day holiday fee

$5 same day booking fee

50% same day cancellation fee



We will care for your pet and home while you enjoy traveling. 

Includes 3 daily drop in visits in addition to overnight stay.
We are unable to stay 24 hours as we are caring for multiple clients pets throughout the day

$10 holiday fee

50% same day cancellation fee

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Schedule a Meet & Greet

The first step to working with an Animal Adventures sitter is to schedule a Meet & Greet and set up a Time to Pet account. This is our pet sitting software we use for scheduling, invoicing, contracts, forms, & more. Once we've met with you and your pet(s) to go over your needs and ensure all parties feel it's a good fit, you can easily schedule services on your Time to Pet account.

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